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Turfing Services

Turfing Services

Turfing is the perfect way to enhance your garden space with a beautiful lawn that's quick to establish and easy to maintain.

Our Turfing Services

While creating a lawn using turf can be more costly than laying one from seed, it's a great way to create an instant lawn. With our turfing services, we can take care of the full process for you, levelling, rotavating and raking your soil, and then rolling your turf out to create a beautiful lawn with quick results. This soil preparation is critical to ensure you achieve a great finish and full coverage for your turf lawn.
As a natural, organic approach real grass is the perfect choice for enhancing the environment and attracting and protecting garden wildlife such as bees.

The main benefits of using turf are that you get an instant lawn, avoiding the patchy growth you may often get when seeding. Turf also makes it much easier to establish a good lawn as you avoid or limit weeds intruding as the grass becomes rooted.
The cost of turfing varies based on the grade of lawn you require and the area you wish to cover, as such we're happy to speak to customers about their requirements and always take time to understand their needs before suggesting a solution.
So if you’re looking for professional turfing services in The Peak District and Derbyshire, look no further than High Peak Groundwork Construction. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us help you create the garden of your dreams.

What is turfing?

Turf is essentially a pre-made lawn, a mat of grass and earth with roots that will easily become establish once planted and cared for properly.

Typically available as pre-cut squares or in long rolls, it provides a great way to create a well-established lawn without the wait.

What's involved in laying turf?

While every setup is different, laying turf usually follows these steps...

  1. Carefully lay the turf onto the prepared soil, fitting it to the shape of your lawn.
  2. Next, gently firm down the turf using a piece of wood to ensure it makes full contact with the soil below.
  3. You may also wish to trim the edges of your turf to cater for any beds, trees, paths or other garden features.
  4. Fill any cracks with light soil.
  5. Ensure the turf is very well watered, to begin with.
  6. And finally, as with any lawn, ensure it is well-maintained ongoing.

Here at High Peak Groundwork Construction, we also offer lawn scarification & aeration services.

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