Hedge Cutting & Maintenance

It is important that you get your hedges cut at least once a year to keep them in good health and to also prevent them from becoming a nuisance to neighbours by blocking light.

Government legislation states that a hedge may be up to 2m tall this legislation forms part of the anti-social behaviour act which enables councils to take and manage complaints made in relation to the height of a hedge. This this is only if they believe that all reasonable steps have been taken without their involvement.

Complaints are likely to be taken seriously if the hedge is:

  • Growing on land owned/ occupied by someone else
  • Made up of a line of 2 or more trees/shrubs
  • Is semi-evergreen or evergreen
  • More than 2m tall
  • A barrier to access or light

We also offer a basic maintenance service where we can weed out borders, provide and top up beds with woodchip mulch provided by ourselves, leaf removal, lawn tidying, and edging of lawns