Our Lawn Scarification & Aeration Services

Lawn Scarification and Aeration

Lawn scarification is the process of removing the ‘thatch layer’ which builds up on the surface of your lawn. Thatch is a layer of dead organic matter usually cut grass not collected by the lawn mower, this layer of dead or nearly dead organic matter is caught in limbo between the lush green healthy vegetation of your lawn and the soil/root system.

Now a little thatch is not a problem, however, a build-up over time will create a thick spongy layer which prevents vital supplies from getting to your lawn's root system, such as nutrients, water, and air. These are all things which are required to keep your lawn healthy. Disease and insect invasions such as ants can also become a problem if the thatch layer gets too thick.

Aeration of your lawn is another process which is ideally done at the same time as you scarify. The idea is to put a series of small holes in the lawn which break through the thatch layer and top layer of soil this allows water and nutrients to get to the roots of your grass promoting deeper root development and a more drought-resistant lawn. It also helps improve drainage in the lawn by reliving compaction and allowing water to drain into the soil, this, in turn, helps prevent the build-up of moss.

In conclusion, we recommend that you have your lawn scarified at least once a year in autumn or twice a year in spring and autumn. It is a great environmental way of promoting a healthy lawn without the use of any chemicals, the resultant thatch which is removed from the lawn can be composted or we can remove it from the site. All our petrol machines run on Aspen fuel which releases significantly fewer toxic emissions such as sulphur, benzene, and hydrocarbons. This makes it better for our staff, machines, those around us, and the environment.